What’s in the pack?

Dear ImGui Bundle includes the following libraries, which are available in C++ and in Python:

Dear ImGui : Bloat-free Graphical User interface with minimal dependencies

demo widgets imgui

ImGui Test Engine: Dear ImGui Tests & Automation Engine

demo testengine

Hello ImGui: cross-platform Gui apps with the simplicity of a "Hello World" app

demo docking demo custom background

ImPlot: Immediate Mode Plotting

battery implot

ImGuizmo: Immediate mode 3D gizmo for scene editing and other controls based on Dear ImGui

demo gizmo

ImGuiColorTextEdit: Colorizing text editor for ImGui

demo widgets editor

imgui-node-editor: Node Editor built using Dear ImGui

demo node editor

imgui_md: Markdown renderer for Dear ImGui using MD4C parser

demo widgets md

ImmVision: Immediate image debugger and insights

demo immvision process 1 demo immvision process 2

NanoVG: Antialiased 2D vector drawing library on top of OpenGL for UI and visualizations

nanovg full demo

imgui_tex_inspect: A texture inspector tool for Dear ImGui

demo imgui tex inspector

ImFileDialog: A file dialog library for Dear ImGui

demo widgets imfiledialog

portable-file-dialogs OS native file dialogs library (C++11, single-header)

demo widgets portablefiledialogs

imgui-knobs: Knobs widgets for ImGui

demo widgets knobs

imspinner: Set of nice spinners for imgui

demo widgets spinners

imgui_toggle: A toggle switch widget for Dear ImGui

demo widgets toggle

ImCoolBar: A Cool bar for Dear ImGui

demo widgets coolbar

imgui-command-palette: A Sublime Text or VSCode style command palette in ImGui

demo widgets command palette

A big thank you to their authors for their awesome work!