Usage instructions: additional info for C++ users

Multiplatform C++ applications

When developing C++ applications, Hello ImGui and Dear ImGui Bundle offer an excellent support for multiplatform applications.

See this tutorial video for Hello ImGui:

10' demo video showcasing multi-platform support and rapid
The principle with Dear ImGui Bundle is the same, just use the dedicated Dear ImGui Bundle project template, and use imgui_bundle_add_app

Debug native C++ in python scripts

ImGui Bundle provides tooling to help you debug the C++ side, when you encounter a bug that is difficult to diagnose from Python.

It can be used in two steps:

  1. Edit the file pybind_native_debug/ Change its content so that it runs the python code you would like to debug. Make sure it works when you run it as a python script.

  2. Now, debug the C++ project pybind_native_debug which is defined in the directory pybind_native_debug/. This will run your python code from C++, and you can debug the C++ side (place breakpoints, watch variables, etc).