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Dear ImGui Bundle: an extensive set of ready-to-use widgets and libraries, based on ImGui. Start your first app in 5 lines of code, or less.

Whether you prefer Python or C++, this pack has you covered, with the same ease in both languages.

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Key Features

  • A lot of widgets and libraries: All of Dear ImGui along with a suite of additional libraries for plotting, node editing, markdown rendering, and much more.

  • Always up-to-date: The libraries are always very close to the latest version of Dear ImGui. This is also true for Python developers, since the bindings are automatically generated.

  • Interactive Demos and Documentation: Quickly get started with our interactive manual and demos that showcase the capabilities of the pack. Read or copy-paste the source code (Python and C++) directly from the interactive manual!

  • Cross-platform: Works on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, and WebAssembly!

  • Easy to use, yet very powerful: Start your first app in 3 lines. The Immediate Mode GUI (IMGUI) paradigm is simple and powerful, letting you focus on the creative aspects of your projects.

  • Fast: Rendering is done via OpenGL (or any other renderer you choose), through native code.

  • Beautifully documented Python bindings and stubs: The Python bindings stubs reflect the C++ API and documentation, serving as a reference and aiding autocompletion in your IDE. See for example the stubs for imgui, and for hello_imgui (which complete the hello_imgui manual).

For a detailed look at each feature and more information, explore the sections listed in the Table of Contents.

Example code

A hello world example with Dear ImGui Bundle

demo hello

For Python developers

from imgui_bundle import imgui, immapp imgui.text("Hello, world!"))

For C++ developers

#include "immapp/immapp.h"
#include "imgui.h"
int main() {   ImmApp::Run([] {   ImGui::Text("Hello, world!");   });  }

Interactive Manual

Click on the animated demonstration below to launch the fully interactive manual.

Figure 1. Dear ImGui Bundle interactive manual

Table of Contents